Tasty Tom, an enriched tomato mix and trusted brand used in homes across Ghana, once again partnered with the Chef’s Association of Ghana at the 2019 West African Food Festival (WAFFEST).

Now in its second year, WAFFEST is an annual five-day long food fiesta held in Accra, aimed at driving food tourism and promoting local cuisine on an international stage.

This year’s event attracted professional chefs from Liberia, Benin, Nigeria, the Gambia, Togo and Ghana, who took part in a culinary challenge to create a unique dish from set ingredients, including Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix, which was judged by a panel of international executive chefs.

The festival also featured a cooking competition between students from various higher education institutions. As part of Tasty Tom’s partnership with WAFFEST, all participating chefs were invited to a special tour of Nutrifoods’ tomato paste factory in Tema, the largest food manufacturing facility in West Africa.

Speaking at the Festival, Miss Ewuresi Krampa, Brand Manager for Tasty Tom told news reporters: “Nutrifoods Ghana is proud to support WAFFEST because it showcases our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients in cooking, to produce delicious and nutritious meals.”

 In 2015 the recipe for Tasty Tom was reformulated to include essential nutrients including Vitamins A, D, E & K as well as Soya fibre. Today Tasty Tom tomato mix is preferred and recommended tomato mix for the preparation of Jollof – one of West Africa’s most popular dishes, which featured prominently at the Festival. The brand’s celebrated “More Jollof” advert won the 2019 CIMG Best Advert of the Year slot.

Tasty Tom is made by Nutrifoods Ghana in an FSSC (Food Safety System Certification Scheme) accredited plant.

The plant is the first food manufacturing facility in the sub-region to earn international recognition for food safety.

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