A prominent lawyer based in Tema, R.S Blay, has been stabbed to death with a broken bottle.

Blay is said to have driven to the Tema General Hospital bleeding profusely from the injury and died shortly on arrival.

Tema police Commander, Augustine Gyenin, confirmed the death in an interview with Joy News.

The police commander said his outfit had commenced investigations into the matter and invited members of the public who may know about the incident to volunteer information.

Mr. R.S. Blay was reportedly stabbed while in his black VW Passat saloon car with registration GT 8111 Z.

Tema Police Public Relations Officer, Chief Inspector Olivia Turkson also told Joy News the deceased had requested for a pen and paper from the hospital attendants but died shortly after.

“We are pleading with anybody who has any information of the death of this lawyer to give it out to us so the perpetrator would be brought to book,” she stated.

Friends of the deceased have promised a huge cash reward for anybody who would provide vital information in connection with Blay’s death.

Mr Kwasi Anamoah Sakyi, one of the friends told Joy News the demise of their pal came to them as a shock, describing it as a great loss to them and the nation.

He wondered why a “wicked personality” would do such a thing to their beloved friend.

The friends have proposed a GH¢20,000 cash reward for anyone providing information that will lead to the killer or killers.


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