According to a recent Pew Internet study, we send or receive an average of 41 texts per day.

It’s a simple, efficient way to communicate, but we have some tips for how to make texting even better – especially when it comes to communicating with your guy.

Relationship coach Michael Fiore wants to help the cell phone nation get plugged back into their relationships. He shared some tips for making the most of your texts.

Fiore urges clients to use texting as more than a way to tell your man you’re going to be late or to remind him to put gas in the car. He says the powerful immediacy of heartfelt text messages can become the digital equivalent of love letters, or as he says, “love letters 2.0.”

He created the site Text Back The Romance to do just that. “In some ways, electronic love mail is more romantic than love letters of the past because the contact is much more frequent,” he explains.

When you’re in love, you might be texting every five minutes so you’re constantly checking your phone for a text. “It’s the rush of immediacy that makes this effective.”

Fiore has used his texting methods to help men and women in all 50 states and over 12 countries around the world. He shares three helpful texting tips below for getting your point across the digital way.

Top 3 texting tips

Text your requests: Rather than trying to force your partner to pay attention to you and telling him to put his phone down (for the fifth time), texting him lets you get your point across and get him to do what you really want him to do without ever coming across as nagging or unreasonable.

Speak his language: Guys are not always as emotionally complex as women and are a lot blunter in their communication. Fiore says that if you want your guy to give you the romance and attention you crave, you’ve got to speak his language first. Try to keep texts short, to-the-point and attention-grabbing when you text so he knows exactly what you need.

Be romantic: Taking the time to send your man a text that lets him know you care can go a long way in improving your relationship. It will show him you stopped what you were doing to send him a note that made him feel as if he was the sole focus of attention, Fiore explains. Doing this regularly makes him feel more a part of your busy life.