A marriage counselor, Allan Okomeng-Mensah has advised married couples to approach situations with a resolution to sacrifice a good part of oneself.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Home Affairs, he stressed on the importance of surrendering oneself and being dedicated to oblige as far as the relationship is concerned.

According to the counselor, “how much are you prepared to be devoted to this long haul of a relationship” is one of the very important questions would-be spouses should ask themselves.

“The altar will not alter your partner. We don’t do alteration in front of the altar. So by the time you are getting in there, you have to ask yourself, how much are you prepared to surrender?” he said strongly. 

He stressed that it was important to recognise the perpetuity of the act of sacrificing in a marriage as one would have to make varying degrees of adjustments at every point in time.

“The sacrifice of the first year of marriage is not the same way you sacrifice when our wife is pregnant. It’s not the same way you sacrifice when you have children. So it’s a permanent thing”, he told Edem Knight- Tay.

Rev. Okomeng Mensah’s comments came during the discussion of the topic of sacrifice in relationships and marriages and where the boundaries lie.

As part of his submissions, he also observed with worry the seeming fixation on what he described as ‘transient and ephemeral things’ such as engagement and wedding ceremonies.

He indicated that a lot more people in courtship lose sight of the journey ahead which requires a lot more effort.

“Marriage is a long haul. So it is not time to discuss colours and dresses. It is a time to sit down and ask yourself what you’re prepared to give away to get”, he advised.