A son of the founder of the Conventions People’s Party (CPP) and a member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Dr. Sekou Nkrumah has reiterated his view that the CPP must change its “worn out shoes” by joining hands with the ruling party if they want to play any part in the country’s governance, going forward.

Dr. Nkrumah warned that the CPP “will end up getting one percent [in the upcoming general elections] because they stubbornly want to hang on to something that doesn’t exist. We have moved on, it’s like wearing the same old show when it has worn out and you still want to continue walking with it barefooted. You know, you change the shoes and move on.”

Dr. Nkrumah made these comments on Adom FM’s Dwa So Nsem Monday.

The onetime head of the National Youth Council said his suggestion is not intended to split the CPP apart; but wants to offer both parties very important opportunities in their quest to manage the affairs of the state.

Dr. Nkrumah said: “Really, what I am trying to do is for the two parties -the NDC and the PNC… to come together and work together on one front. I think they will both benefit. The NDC will benefit in the sense of having a larger audience and a larger platform and the CPP, PNC and other parties will also benefit because they can have the real possibility of coming to power and then trying to implement their policies.”

To him policy, blue prints of both parties are the same because they belong to the same tradition of social democracy.

He said since 1992, the CPP has been performing abysmally in general elections, explaining that the P/NDC captured the constituency of people and groups who believed in Nkrumah’s philosophy and that these people have gone on to play very crucial roles in the political governance of the country.

“The youth wing within the PNP actually joined the PNDC platform and today many of them are prominent members who are really calling the shots within the NDC and then the work that was done by the cadres all those years also strengthened their platform and has taken away from the Nkrumaist platform,” he stressed.

He said the other Nrkumaist have failed to do well on their own, and their representations in parliament have been appalling. He therefore called on those who want to continue with Nkrumah’s philosophy and vision to join hands with the NDC to gain the necessary opportunity to implement policies to change the lives of Ghanaians.

But a leading member of the CPP Bright Akwettey has criticized this position saying the NDC and the CPP are diametrically dissimilar in ideology.

“The CPP is not similar to the NDC. We’re totally different parties with totally different ideologies. He (Dr. Sekou Nkrumah) mentioned social democracy as being the ideology of the NDC which has not been defined. But we know our ideology is Nkrumaism and its been properly defined.

“We have a situation where we put the Ghanaian at the centre of development and the NDC has a situation where it does not care whether Ghanaians are sleeping along the streets or whether Ghanaians are employed or whether Ghanaians are in educational institutions or whether they have easy access to health.”

He said the philosophy of the founder of the PNDC tradition, former President Rawlings, has nothing to do with Nkrumah’s ideas, and that Mr. Rawlings was only successful at winning over some loyalists of Nkrumah to join his adulterated ideology.

He debunked the view that the CPP will never come to power on their own, insisting that “if you look at the scene now, Ghanaians are yearning for something different because the two political parties in leadership now are the same; the value is the same.”

Story by Derick Romeo Adogla/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana