Shiluvari Lakeside Lodge is a great spot from which to explore the ancient culture and traditions of the Venda and Tsonga people of the Soutpansberg Mountains. After a hard day’s adventuring you can relax at Shiluvari’s lovely new Earth Sense Spa.

Lie back and let the ancient healing of Vhembe work it magic on you. Shiluvari Lakeside Lodge recently opened their new Earth Sense Spa, which has gentle views of the Albasini Dam and Soutpansberg Mountains.

Shiluvari is a great base from which to explore the surrounding local attractions – and when you’re done head straight for the Earth Sense Spa. Ku dya hiku engeta, as they say in the local Venda language, ‘once you have tasted, you will want to return’.

The Earth Sense Spa features Moya products that celebrate the natural heritage of South Africa by using fynbos and local essential oils treasured for their healing qualities: aromatic and therapeutic essences of Buchu, Zinziba, Cape May, Cape Snowbush, Cape Chamomile, Lanyana and Cape Geranium are used in Moya’s products.

Shiluvari is an eco-friendly lodge set on a natural peninsula in 30ha of natural vegetation. The lodge has a series of tasteful chalets decorated using local fabric. The main lodge has a generous porch and a comfortable lounge-bar-dining room area with views onto the lake. The Wood Owl restaurant serves Afro-fusion cuisine.

From Shiluvari Lakeside Lodge you can explore the delights of the surrounding area, known as the Land of Legend. You can take a self-drive tour of the Artists’ Route, which takes you to the studios and workshops of local potters, carvers and weavers. Or you can visit some of the famed cultural spots in the area, such as the Holy Forest of Thathe Vondo, home to ancient Venda burial sites, and the sacred Phiphidi Waterfall.

If you’re just keen to relax, head for the poolside chairs and mountain views, take a sunset cruise aboard the resident boat, and then round it off with a sensual treatment at the Earth Sense Spa.


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