The modern business of photography

The influx of smart phones is fast becoming a threat to the business of photography.

"If I want to take pictures, I take them on my own with my Smart Phone. I don’t require the services of a professional photographer" Theophilus Larweh pointed out..

David Andoh is a dark and tall middle-aged man who has practised photography for 20 years.

He asserts technological advancements with the smart phone and digital camera changed the business of photography.

“As time went on, the whole system changed. The people I knew before I became a photographer, I used to see them around and they are not doing any good business”.


                       David Andoh

He adds that photographers need creativity and good equipment to survive in today’s world of photography.

Acclaimed photographer, Steven Adusei says modern-day photography is lucrative as many people are willing to pay thousands of cedis for good photography on their wedding day.

Apart from weddings, many photographers also work with local and international firms. All this makes the business a most profitable one.

For an upcoming photographer, Paapa Koranteng , modern-day photography is all about talent and creativity.

“You can take one photo and earn more than someone who has captured a hundred pictures of an event. You have to upgrade your skills …that’s what has changed, that’s what brings the money”, he told JOYBUSINESS’ Chantelle Asante.

So smart phones or not, photographers are now changing strategy to stay relevant in a world craving for quality photography.