The reality that Ghana is a democratic country and yet the dividends of this participatory governance which include; protecting economic investments and the welfare of the citizenry is lost and denied MenzGold victims since 2018 is, to say the least, our forebears laboured in vain.

The apparent neglect by the President, who is the father of the Republic, and who swore an oath before thousands of Ghanaians, including our ancestors that he would do good to all manner of Ghanaians including Menzgold victims and show us mercy in times like this, is a huge disappointment.

The seemingly ‘I-don’t-care’ posture of our voices of conscience like the clergy, Peace Council, Council of State and other strategic leaders and forces of democracy who have been petitioned about this Menzgold issue are mind-boggling.

What is even sourer in our case is the more than three years seizure of MenzGold and Nam1 assests and the immediate forgetfulness of the victims in whose interest those assets were seized.

We cannot also forget our grief on the loss of 179 victims and the many sick among us. What is fast driving us to the valley of death and to our graves is the dire daily suffering torture and economic hardships victims of MenzGold are currently facing.

Fuel price increases, hikes in transport fares, low incomes, our weak purchasing power as a result of our locked up investments, and the unreasonable impending hikes in utilities are our biggest fear that may lead to more suffering and separations.

Many of us go to bed hungry and with great anger, we always curse the hand that locked up our investments.

We face deaths every day with options including those from “brother suicide” always knocking at our doors in solitary moments, and at the season of the hour when we are brooding over our losses and shamefulness of the locked-up funds in Menzgold; urging us to join him to the “place of eternal remedy”.

The fear of being imprisoned for our inability to repay our loans lives with us every day. The dream shattered faces of those orphans and widows left behind by our departed colleague-customers stare us at the face every time.

Our ability to do commerce is gradually being eroded by current taxes such as E-levy and inflationary commodities.

Fuel and transport fares are becoming very unbearable for us and thus, limiting our movement to go and fend for our daily bread.

Menzgold customers face death daily in the manger of democratic hardships: who will come to our aid? Is it the President; Parliament; the Court; the media Or the Celebrities?

So help us O God!

The author Fred Forson is the PRO of the Coalition of Aggrieved Customers of Menzgold.