Sometimes, men mean no harm with the comments they say to their wives, but women are also programmed differently so your comments may end up hurting our feelings especially when it is coming from our husbands. Dear men, please try and avoid these comments as much as possible.

“Yes, you do look fat in that.”
You know, sometimes we may look a little chunky in what we are wearing, but never answer the question so bluntly.

“You’re going to wear that?”
The tone guys! You can’t say this without out implying that either we look like total mess or like a total slut. Rephrase!

“Wow, look at her! She’s hot!”
How can you do that in our presence? It is okay to spy a little but not when we are around.

“You’re starting to remind me of your mother”
This isn’t usually said in a nice tone. If you hate your mother-in-law, don’t compare your wife to her.

What did you do all day?”
Tread lightly husband especially when we say we are tired. There are a lot of behind the scene things you may not notice. Keeping all the house and kids together is hard!

It must be that time of the month”
Don’t rationalize away the reasons we are angry at you. Sometimes it’s because you are annoying and not because we’re menstruating.

You sound like my mother.”
Um…. thanks? This won’t go well either way.

“This is almost as good as when my mom makes it”
Don’t compare your wife to your mom!

“My ex did it for me.” / “When my ex and I…”
NEVER. TALK. ABOUT. THE EX. Unless you are telling us how we are way better.

“Just relax!”
This will always, & yes ALWAYS have the opposite effect especially when we are talking about a sensitive topic.