The management and staff of telecom company, Tigo, on Friday took time out to interact with customers about their new recharge promotion ‘Wo suro aaa wondi’.

The promotion is giving away thousands of prizes including cash rewards to new and existing customers.

Through their annual employee programme, Lion’s Day, staff visited high traffic markets and bus stations at Kaneshie, Ashiaman, Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Abeka Lapaz, Accra Central and Madina to engage directly with customers and also take their feedback.

Speaking to customers and journalists, the Director for Mobile at Tigo, Tara Squire, said customer satisfaction and loyalty was important to Tigo and over the years they had created various channels both direct and indirect to receive feedback.

Tigo staff educates customers on their new loyalty promotion

“Lion’s day is one of the many opportunities we have created as a business entity to educate customers about our products and services to take direct feedback from them. All of us including the management team and non-frontline staff document the experience including the feedback and this informs our product development and innovations as a business,” he said.

Touching on the new customer loyalty promotion, ‘Wo Suro aaa Wondi’, Tara Squire, said there were thousands of rewards for both existing and new customers every time they topped-up their airtime to make voice calls and browse the internet.

The instant prizes Tigo will be giving away include Tigo branded souvenirs, airtime and cash rewards.

Customers automatically win the bingo prizes of GH¢100,000 by collecting and presenting all the images of the Big Six in Ghana’s political history. These images are displayed at the back of our recharge cards priced from GHS 2 and above.

Some of the non-frontline staff were very pleased with the feedback they had received directly from customers.


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