A Togolese national, believed to have been swept away by Saturday evening’s downpour, has been found dead in a drain behind RECT Academy at Kwashiebu in Accra.

The body of the man, who is in his late thirties, was discovered Sunday floating in a prone position with with his face planted in the mud that had accumulated on the edges of the drain. He was later identified as Kwaku Abbey who hailed from Aneho in Togo.

Mawushi Nutsugah, a sister of the deceased, told Myjoyonline.com that her brother, who was a labourer was swept away by the flood when he attempted crossing the drain near the Presbyterian Church at Kwashiebu.

The flood waters left him about one kilometre away from where he drowned. At the time that he was found, the chaos of the flood is assumed to have ripped off his clothes – he was discovered completely naked.

Eyewitnesses told Myjoyonline.com Kwaku Abbey was trapped, with three others, in the flood. A rescuer was able to assist the three others but unfortunately could not reach Abbey in time.  

Andrews Annan, a hero and eyewitness; who managed to rescue a pregnant woman caught in the turmoil, narrated to Myjoyonline.com the strenuous effort he put in to save Abbey, which was to no avail.

According to him, he was talking on his phone at about 9:30pm when he heard people screaming. He initially ignored it thinking it was children playing but later realised the severity of the situation when he heard voices shouting to God to save them from dying.

“I came out of my room and realised it was a lady and she was drowning, two of them had already come out, but the lady was down to the neck level so I went into the water and brought the lady out.

“But when I went inside for the guy- the dead one- he was not able to breathe so I held his hand and brought him up. When he took his first breathe, he pulled me inside the water so my neck hit a stone or something and I lost hold of him.”

Unfortunately, he was found dead the following morning.

With the direction of police personnel from the Kwashibu police post, residents retrieved the body from the drain and sent it to the morgue.

Meanwhile, some residents have raised eyebrows as to how the flood could totally remove Abbey's clothing.