Couples who struggle to conceive sometimes resort to superstitious practices or even myths about certain intercourse positions, which would supposedly increase the chances of conception.

However, not all of the rumored practices are real. It may even just add to the stress of thinking too much about conceiving.

Naturally for the ladies, having a regular checkup and getting to know their menstrual cycles is a great way to begin the process of trying to conceive. That said, experts share some tips on how to increase the chances of conception while still retaining the couple's intimacy, and keeping the stress and pressure down.

No pressure, please

Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg is a psychologist specializing in sex and reproductive therapy. In a feature, she shares that one roadblock to conception is something that many couples trying to conceive may be guilty of – sexual procreation.

This happens when a couple is so intent only on procreation that their intercourse is surrounded by pressure, and not pleasure. There's nothing wrong with the deliberateness of intercourse for procreation in some couples. However, this leads to stress and pressure, which does not really help their cause.

While research on the effects of stress on fertility is still pretty hazy, there is evidence of effects of stress on the female hormones, which could disrupt ovulation. What's more, stress can evidently lower the quality of sperm so that they turn into weaker and slower swimmers. As such, destressing actually plays an important role both in the physical and relationship aspect of the process.

Have sex twice, but not every day

According to previous research, having sex twice in an hour practically triples the chances of conceiving. However, if done every day, then the odds could waver.

The logic behind this is simple. A man who engages in intercourse in the past few days would have a lower sperm count, whereas waiting for a long time before having sex could lead to the death of sperm.

"In general, every other night around the time of ovulation helps increase your chance of getting pregnant," said James Goldfarb, MD of the infertility service at Cleveland Clinic.

Furthermore, wearing tight-fitting clothing and eating too much edamame and soy could lead to lower sperm count. That said, experts state that it is not just the concentration of sperm that is important, but also their health and strength.

Cuddling could help, too

The basis for this tip is simple. Where there is no scientific evidence to back any of the supposed sexual positions for conception, having a few moments of a lie down after intercourse could help the sperm swim better, thanks to the warmth of the vagina.

If the woman stands right after sex, this might not happen because of gravity. Women need not lift their legs up in the air, though, as per a popular myth states.

Similarly, although it has been said that there is no evidence to support the supposed conception-friendly positions, intercourse in gravity-defying positions may not be of help either because it could discourage the sperm from traveling up.