Tullow Ghana’s HR Mentoring Program has been recognised for exhibiting innovation in Human Resource at the HR Focus Award event held in Accra.

Tullow was also awarded for the best company in HR practice in the energy and natural resource sector.

The HR Focus award event focused on HR practitioners being strategic business partners adopting new creative and innovative strategies to develop their department and employees and agile working.

HR professionals were challenged to pay attention to the trends in the HR environment to keep the workplace abreast of the times.

Key to keeping employees and companies abreast of modern trends in the use of technology to ensure efficiency.

Tullow wins at HR Focus

In the spirit of Tullow’s commitment to Human Resource development in Ghana, Director of Business Services, Irene Asare also picked up Best HR Leadership and Innovation award for her HR Mentoring program which was initiated in 2018.

The citation pointed to the commitment to grow middle-level HR professionals in Ghana and provide them with a support system they could rely on now and in the future.

Commenting on the award, Ms Asare said, “it feels really humbling and motivating to have colleagues recognize my contribution to the HR development in Ghana”.

This is the sixth edition of the HR Focus awards which recognises best practices in HR across the energy, financial, health, manufacturing, telecoms and media sectors.

Tullow wins at HR Focus

Group Chief Operating Officer of Enterprise Group, C. C. Bruce reminded HR professionals that people are at the centre of any organisation.

Mr Bruce emphasised that a company with a strong sense of purpose gives employees space to thrive.

HR Manager Nixon Amoah-Awuah received the Best Company HR Practice in Energy & Natural Resources award on behalf of Tullow Ghana.

Mr Amoah-Awuah said “as pioneers of Upstream Oil and Gas operations in Ghana, we have led the way in developing and implementing people strategies that ensure our business has the right people who are motivated to deliver our vision.

Tullow wins at HR Focus

“Despite the limited industry skills in Ghana, we have worked with key stakeholders to develop highly competent Ghanaian Oil & Gas professional who play key roles in our business over the years”.

 Tullow was well represented by External Affairs Director Cynthia Lumor, Business Planning and Performance Manager, Sekhar Sathyamoorthy, and other staff from various departments.


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