Two suspected goat thieves lynched

Two young men caught red-handed with a goat have paid the ultimate price after a mob meted out instant justice in the Wa municipality of the Upper West Region.

The suspects identified as Tahiru Ibrahim and the other only as Pascal were alleged to have stolen the goat from Chokor, a suburb of Wa.

They sped off on their motorbike after the owner of the goat spotted them with the live loot.

In a pulsating pursuit, they were chased down, apprehended, beaten and set ablaze by a mob.

They later died at the Wa regional hospital. The two suspected goat thieves are believed to be in their early twenties

Driving a Nissan pick-up, eye witness, Thomas Ninfozie said he was alerted by the owner of the goat and he quickly responded by given the duo a hot chase.

Pascal kept the goat on his laps whilst his partner in crime Tahiru Ibrahim sped off on the bike.

They met a human barricade after they encountered a sea of people who were cooling off at a nearby drinking bar.

Stones, sticks and iron bars were unleashed on them cutting up wounds on several parts of their bodies.

The mob poured petrol on bicycle tyres, hang them around their fear-stricken victims and poured petrol on them.

Their unregistered motorbike was not spared the blaze.

But in a rush of adrenaline, they managed to throw off the tyres and made an attempt to run away tattoed with severe burns.

The unlucky pair were finished off by an unmerciful mob.

The police arrived at the scene to rescue the almost lifeless bodies of Pascal and Ibrahim and conveyed them to the Wa regional hospital.

They were admitted to the male surgical ward where they later passed on.

The bodies of the two suspects are now deposited at the Wa regional hospital mortuary.

This is the seventh time in a month that suspected goat thieves has been beaten to a pulp in the Wa municipality as residents believe it is the best way to get justice.