Twum Boafo silences NPP

Mr. Kwadwo Twum Boafo, a member of the communication team of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says Ghanaians must blame the drug menace in the country on the Kufuor-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) regime which did nothing, apart from supervising its trade during their tenure.

He said the NPP administration under former President Kufuor gave birth to the illicit drug trade in the country, adding “is the NPP telling Ghanaians that they want the cocaine menace which flourished under them to thrive again under the NDC just so that they can use it to come to power?”

Mr. Twum Boafo, who is also the executive secretary of the Ghana Free Zones Board, on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji programme over the weekend, pointed accusing fingers at the NPP for urging on drug barons.

He alleged: “The drug menace in this country is your baby, you gave birth to it, you natured it, lactated it, reared it and it has become a monster and an albatross around your neck.”

The executive secretary of the Ghana Free Zones Board opined that the governing NDC will not be party to what the NPP did during its tenure.

He said, “The NDC will not take any part of what you have done and done so well, take the drug menace, hang it around your neck, you can (take) some of the skin around its back and make a drum out of it and play it as loudly as you like.”

Mr. Twum Boafo noted that if for nothing at all no Ghanaian can stick out his or her neck to say that President Mills was on drugs, contrary to widely held perception of the NPP’s flag-bearer.

“Nobody in the country can believe that the NDC has a bad drug record than the NPP, nobody has said President Mills smokes wee, nobody has said that President Mills is on drugs – (but) can we say the same for your flag-bearer?” He retorted.

The NPP, he claimed, were seeking an equalization of sorts to say that both the NPP and NDC were guilty of the illicit drug trade.

Per the Wikileaks exposure, the executive secretary of the Ghana Free Zones Board stated that all the drug barons were aligned to the NPP.

He claimed “(In the Wikileaks) we found out according to their own security expert, Dr. Kwesi Ening, that the cocaine menace in this country was difficult to handle because it was at the seat of the Presidency and indeed the then Chief of Staff was the one who was the pivot for it.”

Dr. Kwesi Ening, according to Mr. Twum Boafo, went on to allude to the fact that the Kufour administration was not interested in dealing with the drug menace.

The member of the NDC communication team further reminded the NPP not to so soon forget about the three women in the Dzorwulu branch of the party who were busted at the Airport in an attempt to export heroin, insisting “The police prepared their dockets which got missing as well as the women … As we speak today those women have not been found, the dockets or the exhibits have not been found and talking nine years on.”