A Level 300 Bachelor of Laws Degree student of the University of Ghana (UG), Kwaku Apreku Agyepong has won the Public Speaking Category of the 40th edition of the World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) 2020.

The event which was held at the Assumption University of Thailand, Bangkok saw over 400 teams from 250 universities and tertiary institutions represented.


Mr Apreku Agyepong is the second UG student to have won the category at the tournament after Jeremiah Sekyi in 2019.

Participants of the Public Speaking category of the tournament had to undergo two preliminary rounds and a semi-final round to reach the final.

The final challenge required participants to defend an imaginary juvenile who had committed a crime that could necessitate him or her being tried as an adult.

Speaking to media about his victory, Mr Apreku said: “I’m very humbled to win the Public Speaking Category and be the world champion of Public Speaking. With God’s help and the prayers from my family and friends, I have emerged successful, the University of Ghana Debate Society and entire university community at large has emerged successful.

“This is a powerful statement that it is not just mere things we can boast about in this country but we can challenge the big players on a global stage. As black people and as the University of Ghana, Legon students we are capable of doing great things. Moving forward I would employ the University and other stakeholders to support the Debate Society to reach higher heights.”

The UG contingent was made of 9 students, a coach and a member of the Sports Advisory Board as a leader of the delegation.


WUDC is the largest annual debate competition in the world. First held in Glasgow in 1981, the WUDC has grown to include over 90 countries.

The University of Ghana has so far made its 4th appearance at the WUDU after three successful participation in Malaysia (2015), The Netherlands (2017) and Mexico (2018).