Scores of people have been arrested following clashes at the Kantamanto market between angry traders and security personnel.

The traders who are still counting their losses after wild fire razed down their shops Sunday, are resisting attempts by government to build new shops.

There were earlier reports of gun shots at the Kantamanto market with some young men suspected to be traders within the market pelting police men with stones and preventing them from securing the market.

Joy News’ Manasseh Azuri Awuni who is present at the Kantamanto market reported that close to ten people have been arrested so far.

He also reported that a number of shops have been set ablaze with dark plume of smoke emanating.

What used to be a busy place for trading, yesterday gave way to ashes and smoke after fire consumed properties worth several millions of cedis.

The cause of the fire is still unknown but the aggrieved traders are insisting on building their own shops.

They fear that when the shop is reconstructed by government it will be sold out to other traders at ridiculously high prices.

Some have begun rebuilding their own shops barely 24 hours after the fire incident.

The Accra Police PRO confirmed Monday evening on Joy FM’s News night programme they will resist any attempt by the traders to rebuild their own shops.

He said they have specific instructions to stop traders from rebuilding their own shops and they will follow that instruction to the letter.

It appears there is a confrontation between the angry traders and the police.

According to Azuri Awuni some young men have set fire at the entrance of the market to prevent the police from entering.

It is not clear yet if there are any casualty.