US Ambassador to Ghana Donald Teitelbaum is very optimist that the 2012 general election will be very peaceful.

“The people of Ghanaian are very clear in their expectations from all those involved that they want a peaceful election; they want a winner and a loser and they want the loser to accept the loss and they want the winner to be gracious in victory”.

Speaking on Adom FM midday news, Mr. Teitelbaum noted that with the success chalked up in setting Ghana as a beacon of democracy in African, post election violence is not likely.

He added there is the need for all stakeholders to play their respective roles well to ensure a peaceful, free, fair and transparent election in 2012.

The US Ambassador said it is tragic what is happening in most African countries like Libya and Cote d’Ivoire.

Mr. Teitebaum revealed that Ghana has become the destination for most American investors due to the visit of President Obama which has raised the country’s profile.

He observed that the peace and stability of the country has also contributed to its competitiveness and attractiveness to investors.

He hoped that the economic growth of the country which is more than 5 percent would be more than 10 percent in the coming year.

Story by: Adwoa Gyasiwaa/