Youths struggling with addictions and bad habits have been urged to use the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ to set themselves free.

An Apostle of the Church of Pentecost, Mike Kwame Etrue, recommended the divine remedy, calling it in the words of the patriarch Paul, 'the incomparably great power'.

The Apostle was giving the closing sermon at the Kaneshie zone where at least 22 branches (assemblies) of the church had gathered for the Easter convention.

Easter convention COP

Camped under sprawling white canopies, more than 4,500 church members sat under the ministration of the Kaneshie Area Head who brought his Easter tour of the Area to a close.

The Kaneshie Area which has 89 assemblies was broken into five zones. Apostle Mike Etrue visited PIWC Thursday where he preached on  Easter theme 'Christ died for all'.

He later joined the faithful at Darkuman Zone where he preached on the theme 'Look to the crucifixion'.

At his last station at Kaneshie zone, the church leader taught on the "power of the resurrection'.

Easter convention COP

He said several theories have been propounded in an attempt to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ- the one event that separates Christianity from other major faiths.

But the resurrection is an evidential event which sparked evangelistic thrust of the church and is also the event that holds the promise of the return of Jesus Christ.

He explained that the resurrection is what has rescued Christianity from history books to present to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, daily, current and active power.

At a time of what has been described as a great moral decline in society, the resurrection power of Jesus Christ can restore youths to a life of holiness.

Apostle Mike Etrue

There is a disturbing increase and exposure to sexually explicit materials among the youth.

Counsellors have expressed concern about addiction to pornography, alcohol and drugs as a post-modernist culture seeks to challenge conservative foundation of Ghanaian society.

The Apostle charged youths who have succumbed to post-modernism to exploit the rich resources available through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"Whatever bad habits, addictions, the resurrection power can set you free", he charged.

"The resurrection power shakes the believer's old nature away, old entrenched attitudes lose their hold and satanic strongholds and controls are broken", he said.

He said the resurrection has made Jesus Christ the 'Yes man' explaining that whatever help a person needs, Jesus has said 'yes' and 'amen'  if he is invited to intervene.