The VIAM Africa Centre for Education and Social Policy has appointed Mr Peter Anti as its first Country manager.

Mr Anti, must, as part of his responsibilities develop a strategic plan for the think tank and provide a strategic management support for all programmes of VIAM Africa in Ghana.

He is also to provide "leadership and effective high-level national representation to key audiences, for the VIAM Ghana Country Programme,"  A statement copied to said.

Prior to his appointment, Mr Anti was the head of the Research unit at VIAM Africa.

He holds a first class degree in B.Ed.(Social Sciences) with a major in Economics and an M.Phil in Curriculum Studies from the University of Cape Coast.

He also has professional certificates in Data Modelling and Measurement and Evaluation, and is an Associate member of Association of Certified Chartered Economist and American Academy of Financial Management, USA. He is currently pursuing an MSc in Economics.

Peter has worked for various institutions across the globe in his line of work including Newcastle University (UK), the DFID Girls Education Challenge (GEC) project involving Coffrey (UK) and PwC (UK) and currently the National Consultant for GIGA and CEval (Germany). He is a Researcher with the Education Research Network for West and Central Africa (ERNWACA), with several academic and non-academic articles to his credit.

He is expected to bring this experience to bear in his new role as Country Manager for VIAM Africa.

Founded in August 2013, VIAM Africa is purposed to conduct and promote research into, and the shaping of public opinion in crime and victimization, education and social stratification, climate change, education finance, governance, gender issues, corporate social responsibility and social policy (health & social care, welfare and poverty).

VIAM Africa is funded by organisations and individuals that wish to see a vibrant education and social policy debate and reform as well as through its own events.