CEO of Venus Productions, Abdul Salam Mumuni, has revealed that there was no market for Ghanaian productions when he began his craft as a movie producer.

The renowned filmmaker was honoured by the organisers of the Golden Movie Awards Africa, for his contributions to the growth of the Ghanaian movie industry.

“Yeah very amazing and I’m so excited to be in the industry almost 20 years and so happy that they were able to recognise my work,” he said.

He told JoyNews’ MzGee, entertainment was not lucrative when he joined.

The producer added that the only movies which were popular and patronised back in the day were Nigerian.

Despite the sloppiness of the industry, Mr Salam Mumuni said he was convinced he could make an impact in the Ghanaian movie industry by fishing for talents.

He scouted, auditioned, groomed and procured talents like Majid Michel, Van Vicker, Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Yvonne Okoro who gradually became household names.

“Entertainment business back in the day was very bad but when I came in I realised that the Nigerian movies were doing well so I decided to invest more into the Ghanaian movies and I knew we were going to get there and today we’re there,” he said.

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