Vodafone Ghana’s corporate clients do not have to worry about the high cost and installation of office telecom systems, audio and video conferencing equipment because Vodafone Business Solution has set up a system to host such services on behalf of its clients.

Vodafone Business Solution had previously assisted corporate clients to have all-in-one affordable broadband telephony communication set up in their offices with Vodafone’s Web Office device, and later the company assisted the businesses to create easy communication links from their head offices to branches nationwide.

Head of the award-winning Vodafone Business Solution (VBS), Derek Appiah told Adom News Vodafone is now moving on to host communication services for its clients to enable them have access to video and audio conferencing, and office telephone systems without having to make the heavy capital expenditure (capex) in purchasing and installing equipment for that.

This was on the sidelines of the third VBS IT Manager Forum, under the theme “Working Together for Productivity”.

The new collection of hosted services introduced to the IT Managers includes the Vodafone Broadband Telephony for Business, Vodafone Teleconferencing for Business and the Vodafone Hosted Virtual PBX for Business.

The Virtual PBX and Broadband Telephony provides a wide range of benefits, including cost cutting, efficient communication, seamless integration of landline and mobile, as well as emails and text messages in one package and the ability to integrate and or convert analogue systems to IP to ensure interoperability.

The Audio and Video Conferencing system, which was tried at the forum, is touted as one that cuts cost, saves travel time, shorten product development and marketing times among several other benefits.

“What we have for our clients now are complete communication services hosted on our robust network on behalf of our clients, instead of they having to purchase boxes and other equipment to set up those systems by themselves,” Mr. Appiah said.

Mr. Appiah said that meant Vodafone’s corporate clients can have access to those very sophisticated services on ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, instead of previously, when they had to spend so much money setting up such systems by themselves.

He said the plus for clients is that the services are hosted on the robust broadband-based Vodafone network, which leaves very little room for challenges, which clients could face with reliability if they had set up their own systems.