Watch Benny Hinn praying for Akufo-Addo

Day seven of Experience Conference currently underway at the Maker’s House Chapel International in Ghana, unexpectedly turned into a prophetic prayer for the nation and her President, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo. 

Televangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, suddenly stopped ‘slaying’ hundreds of worships in the spirit and charged them to pray for their country.

“In the name of Jesus, I declare that the President of Ghana, the leaders of Ghana will be led by the Holy Spirit,” he said in prayer. 

“I pray for the current president.  Cloth him with wisdom, clothe him with your power, reveal yourself to him day and night,” he added.  

Pastor Benny Hinn arrived Thursday night to participate in the ongoing Experience Conference taking place at The Maker’s House Chapel International (TMH), near the School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, Atomic, Accra.

The 2019 edition of the conference which is on the theme; “The same Jesus” got off Sunday, October 6, at the all-new auditorium of the church. 

Praying for the nation, Pastor Hinn said, “No demonic power will ever have dominion over Ghana.”

 He added that “no foreign power and foreign spirit will ever have dominion over the government of Ghana. I declare that this nation is a Holy Ghost nation. In the name of Jesus let this nation be a lighthouse to Africa,” he prayed.

 The following video has more.