Mawuko Afadzinu

Mawuko Afadzinu, a representative of Lawyer Richard Akpokavi’s presidential team for the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) elections, has stated that he believes sporting federations in the country can elevate their game and they will work towards that vision.

The GOC elections, which is set to take place on Monday will feature two presidential candidates; Mr Ben Nunoo Mensah, the current president of the Committee and his challenger, Lawyer Richard Akpokavi.

In an interview on the Joy Sports Link on Saturday, Richard Akpokavi’s representative highlighted the need for an elevation in the management of sporting federations in Ghana.

“We are saying that it is about time to elevate the whole act of managing federations. With the right support, with the right means, with the right capacity, we see federations of strength that can position sports well for the benefit of our athletes,” Mr. Afadzinu told Nathaniel Attoh.

“On both sides [the two presidential teams], if we had our way, there is so much quality across this divide of necessity that can be harnessed for the benefit and for the growth and for progress of sports in this country,” he added.

“We believe that the best that we can be is not where we are today and that is the reason why even as we appreciate the sacrifice that has gone into the last four years, and we take stock of things we can do that we couldn’t do, we believe that the best that we can be is now possible with this election. That is why we are going back to our colleagues who made the sacrifices to say that it is very doable to elevate our game and that is what Lawyer Richard Akpokavi is pushing for,” he concluded.  

Lawyer Akpokavi will aim to pip Mr Mensah to the seat which he has held for four years.

Mr Afadzinu is also vying for the First Vice President position in the elections scheduled for Monday, March 14, 2021.