Civil Society Group STRANEK-Africa has lashed out at the Special Prosecutor for describing as “opportunistic and populist” their request for his Office to investigate the controversial Agyapa Royalties deals.

The group says it is difficult to understand the anger of the Special Prosecutor if there is nothing to hide about the deal.

“We, at STRANEK-AFRICA, find it petty of a Special Prosecutor to describe a petition sent in good faith and in the interest of the people of Ghana as an opportunistic and populist enterprise,” a statement from the group said.

This comes after STRANEK, on Tuesday, petitioned the Special Prosecutor to investigate and bring finality to the Agyapa deal.

The CSO alleged that the “ deal is shrouded in illegality, secrecy and issues of conflict of interest, and is inimical to the interest of the good people of Ghana.”

But responding to the petition, Mr. Amidu said their request was unnecessary because his office had already began investigations into the matter.

He also said that, the letter under reference, appears to his Office as an opportunistic and populist enterprise on the part of the CSO to take credit for processes already independently commenced by SP’s Office.

Mr Amidu added that, the letter, in any case, containing mere speculations without more, does not present any reasonable basis for his Office to commit further resources from the public purse to their request.

However, reacting to this, STRANEK has also described the response of the Special Prosecutor as disappointing.

“Your description of our letter as containing mere ‘speculations without more’ leads us to believe that you have prejudged the matter or that you have preconceived notions prior to the conclusion of your investigative process.

“That is very disappointing for someone occupying your honourable office and raises major issues about your fitness to investigate the matter at hand.
It is our duty as citizens of Ghana to assist in fighting corruption and protecting the public purse.

STRANEK further refuted claims that the organization, by the act, was trying to take credit for efforts initiated by the Special Prosecutor into the investigations of the deal.

“STRANEK-Africa is not in any form of competition with you to “take credit for” any processes as childishly captured in your response, neither do we intend to start one.

“We will continue to go high when you go low. The fight against corruption cannot be a one-man affair. It requires a collective effort,” they added.