Weddings On Budget, an online-listing platform offering multi-category wedding vendor services, has donated food items and some toiletries to the Save Them Young Orphanage in Tema.

The donations were made by a delegation from WOB led by the company’s Lead Administrator, Mawuli Agbenorku.

The items donated included bags of rice, gallons of oil, cartons of assorted drinks, boxes of drinking water, packets of biscuits, number of boxes of soap, milk, margarine and other items.

The Lead Administrator of the company said the gesture forms part of ‘Weddings On Budget’’s Corporate Social Responsibilities to support the growth of the vulnerable and less privileged. He iterated the significance of giving back to society as the company marked its first-ever anniversary.

“All throughout the Covid-19 period, we have remained committed to our tagline, ‘The Absolute Wedding Marketplace’ by assisting couples and clients with their wedding and wedding-related service needs,” he said.

“This is the first-ever anniversary and the platform hopes to do more as they continue to fervently lookout for opportunities to make positive impacts.”

'Weddings on Budget' marks first anniversary with donation to orphanage

The WOB team shared some happy moments with the kids by taking photos, singing with them, and cutting the anniversary cake.

The caretaker of Save Them Young Orphanage, Linda Amoabeng, expressed gratitude to WOB on behalf of the Orphanage for the thoughtful gesture of remembering them during their anniversary.

The anniversary celebration was capped off with a hangout that included a photo shoot, exhibition, makeup demonstration, food, and drink. WOB’s anniversary was commemorated with a special party at the Emi-Luxe Center in East Legon, Accra.

Within the last year, Weddings On Budget have led the way as the one-stop online-listing platform offering multi-category wedding vendor services.

The platform enables users to find various wedding vendors like wedding gowns, cakes, makeup artists, photographers and more from locations closer to clients.

It also offers wedding inspiration ideas and suggestions for some aspects of wedding preparations such as décor, outfits, catering and relationship advice to more than 2000 website users as well as over 100,000 group members in its Facebook group.

On average, 50 brides marry from WOB’s Facebook group every month and since the creation of its WhatsApp brides group, about 11 brides have married within three months.

Many startups from the creative arts field specializing in weddings and events continue to depend on the online-listing platform to thrive.

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