West Hills Mall opened for business today

People from all walks of life troop to the latest and biggest Shopping centre in the capital, West Hills Mall as it opens for business today.

The mall which could rival other big malls in West Africa, provides good opportunity for residents in and around to have access to a wide range of products in a single space.

One of the Electrical Engineers for the project, Herman Nortje, believes the mall is a timely addition which will enhance shoppers' experience and generate jobs.

He said, “when you look at the size of this mall, it’s about 30,000 sq metres and when you compare it to Accra mall, Accra mall is about 20,000 sq metres. So it’s about a third bigger than Accra mall. And it’s definitely one of the biggest in West Africa with close to 90 shops. We are hoping that the mall can help create jobs.”