Dr Eric Ntiamoah Mensah, President and Founder of CPF, has revealed that treatment of vaginal infections does not mean the conditions cannot recur in future.

Vaginal infections, also known medically as “vaginitis”, affects women of all ages including those who are sexually active as well as those who aren’t. Most women have a vaginal infection at least once in a lifetime.

It is commonly caused by yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and trichomoniasis.

According to the Centre for Young Women’s Health, vaginal infections are actually the number one reason that adult women see their health care providers.

However, treating a vaginal infection is just like treating malaria and it will recur later in a woman’s life even after treatment. This is especially so if the causes are still present, according to Dr Ntiamoah Mensah.

Speaking on the Complete Woman TV show, Dr Ntiamoah was disturbed at the attitude of some women with the condition who are receiving treatment.

He said most of them do not follow instructions given them by their physicians, hence, the relentless recurrence of the condition even after treatment.

Why the recurrence?

According to Dr Ntiamoah, the following reasons mostly contribute to the recurrence of vaginal infections.

Misapplication of Medication: Many women, he noted, misapply medicines given to them at the hospital. Some swallow medicines they are to insert into the vagina and vice versa.

Completely shaving hair around the vagina: This he said is a very bad practice and advised women to leave some hair when shaving.

Bubble bath: Dr Ntiamoah advised that women stay away from perfumed bubble bath because chemicals in these products can enter the vulva and cause irritations.

Wearing nylon underwear: He said women should desist from using nylon panties and tight underwear

Spices: Using a mixture of spices such as pepper and ginger can only aggravate the condition, the doctor said.

Story by Dorcas Efe Mensah/myjoyonline.com/Ghana