Wife of the police officer who murdered his mother-in-law and two children suspects her husband was pushed by spiritual forces to proceed with the dastardly act.

A day after her husband embarked on the barbaric killing spree, Rapha Iddrisu told Joy News' Beatrice Adu at the Devtraco Police Station in Community 25 that there was no way her husband would have committed the act if he was in his right mind.

The 29-year-old woman said she noticed changes in her husband some months back. His utterances had changed and some things he said did not make sense.

The Tema Regional Police has begun investigations into circumstances which led to the murder of three persons by a police officer.

Lance Corporal Wilfred Amuzu killed his mother-in-law and his two young sons (three months and one-year-olds) with a rifle which he had booked for duty on Monday evening.

The mother-in-law was said to be bathing her grandchild when the Lance Corporal shot her and the baby, killing them both, after which he shot the other child before committing suicide.

Rapha Iddrisu confirmed that she had made a complaint at the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) about her abusive husband.

According to Iddrisu, her husband had accused her of witchcraft and blamed her for his inability to succeed and also threatened to kill her.

It was the threat to kill that pushed her to look for a new accommodation for herself, her mother and her two young children although Mr Amuzu was directed by DOVVSU to do so.

On the day the cold blooded murder took place, Iddirisu said she had gone to her sister’s house in Ashiaman to enquire if it was possible for her and the children to move to her house.

This was because her husband was taking too long in finding her the new place and she no longer felt comfortable in the house.

She was however met with the unfortunate news on her return.

She said eyewitnesses told her that they heard four gunshots in the house but were unperturbed because they didn't think anyone was being killed.

She disclosed that she had audio recordings of certain absurd things her husband had said. This convinced her that her husband was unstable and something was pushing him to turn into someone different.

She, however, said she had no idea he could go that far.