Residents of Obuasi East District Assembly in the Ashanti Region have been displaced after being hit by a windstorm on Thursday.

According to the District Chief Executive (DCE), Faustina Amissah, a strong rushing wind passed through the town, Anyimadukrom, around 3:00 pm leaving behind destruction in its wake.  

Six offices of the Obuasi East District Assembly had their roofs ripped off, together with the destruction of 6 houses. In addition, two ECG poles are recorded to have been pulled down by the windstorm.

Speaking to AdomNews, Faustina Amissah stated that several documents were destroyed, however, the incident did not lead to the loss of any lives.

“The incident will impede our works for some days to come. We have brought our things out to sort them to know what we have lost,” she added.

Meanwhile, some other residents who were affected by the electricity poles that were pulled down called on various stakeholders to come to their aid.

“We are calling on the ECG and leaders of Obuasi to support us in our current state. Most houses do not have electricity because of two poles that were destroyed in the storm.

“Our places of worship have been destroyed and people who troop in from other places to worship here have been left stranded,” they said.

NaDMO Director for Obuasi East, Gago Tahiru who spoke to AdomNews correspondent Isaac Normanyo said he has reached the Regional NADMO office to report the incident and has also ensured that several reliefs are released to the district.

“We have made arrangements to procure some zinc [sheets] for roofing houses that have been torn off. So from now to Monday, we are hoping to do that.

“We have also requested from the National and Regional NADMO office to send down whatever they have in stock that could serve as a relief.”