Oddly Enough

Woman grows hair for 21 years

A Chinese woman who hasn’t cut her hair for 21 years now has hair that measures 3.6 metres in length.

Jiang Aixiu from Fushun, central China’s Henan Province, last had a haircut in 1990. Jiang explained: “I went to get my hair cut, but the hairdresser suggested me to keep it as its quality is good.”

Jiang never expected her hair would grow so fast and so long. She added: “I didn’t eat anything special or use any special shampoos.”

Each year Jiang’s hair grows up to 20 centimetres. She continued: “I have to wash my hair section by section, and it takes at least two hours to wash it all.”

Jiang has been offered 10,000 Yuan for her hair, but she refused.

However, now Jiang plans to cut off her long hair, as doctors say the long hair absorbs too much nutrition from her head, which is not good for her health.

“It’s better for me to take it off, as it’s too much on my head,” Jiang concluded.

Source: orange.com