The song ‘Days Numbered’ from Wutah Kobby’s 12-track Selfless Bliss album generally advises against procrastination and people waiting till their days on earth are numbered before deciding to do the things dear to their hearts.

The lyrics, somehow, subtly point to why the young man, formerly the other half of the Wutah duo, has decided to move on to a solo career. Being under the spotlight alone, he claims, is something he had been dreaming of long before he and Wutah Peevee joined forces as the formidable, award-winning Wutah.

That partneship came out with its debut album, Anamontuo around 2004. Containing popular tracks like Goosie Gander, Adonko and Big Dreams, the album endeared the young men to the general public.

Big Dreams won the Best Reggae Song honour at the 2005 Ghana Music Awards (GMA). Songs on the late 2008 Burning Desire album included the lovely Kotosa and the pair grabbed three awards at the last GMA.

Wutah Kobby, however, calls the duo’s successful period together as ‘the transitionary stage’ because it was only a phase to precede ambitious solo careers.

“Everything that happens is for a purpose. Being together as Wutah catapulted us to a certain level. That was how things were destined to be,” Kobby says. “Even then, we used to talk about solo projects so the situation now is just what it should be.”

One may conclude from Kobby’s pronouncements that he is a strong believer in all happenings being predetermined and therefore inevitable. Those who know his musical tastes well enough and probably guessed that a heavy dose of dancehall and reggae would be inevitable in an album by Kobby, have been proved right.

“I’m at heart a dancehall and reggae artiste. So throughout the album, you feel those vibes but you can catch some highlife and hiplife bits as well,” is how Kobby describes the music on the Selfless Bliss album.

Featuring Tinny, Castro, Kwabena Kwabena, Reggi Zippy, Trigmatic and Kesse (now in Project Fame West Africa 2010 contest), the album was recorded by different engineers including Appietus, Oteng, Bullet and Dr Ray & Cash 2.

He insists the engineers were chosen for specific reasons. “Dr Ray & Cash 2 for instance, are a very young pair at Madina in Accra who are bringing new flavours to contemporary Ghanaian music. I flow very well with them. I like the cohesion between us.”

Though not able to put a finger on his favourite track among the 12, claiming there is a special reason behind the creation of each song, Kobby appears to have some attachment to the old gospel tune, Made Me Glad. “It is an old song I have known since childhood. It has a lot of meaning for me and always kept popping up in my head so I decided to do my version of it featuring Tinny. I love that track.”

Somehow predictably, several of the songs talk about love. The one many radio stations appear to have fallen for at the moment is Tsotsoo. It is a danceable piece in English, Ga and Twi talking about how a woman called Tsotsoo is missed by her lover.

Selfless Bliss seems to be an announcement from the rasta-haired Kobby that there is an inexhaustible well of creativity within him and whether as part of a group or alone, he can still deliver. The collection is a delightful intro to what seems like a promising solo career and Wutah Kobby sounds like he is glad to have taken that road.

Source: Graphic Showbiz