Zambian footballer stuck in India during lockdown

The Zambian footballer Aaron Katebe has told the BBC that he is stuck in his club owner’s hotel, unable to get home during lockdown in India.

The player for Real Kashmir in Indian-administered Kashmir told BBC Newsday’s Matthew Kenyon that he became emotional when he was speaking to his loved ones on the phone.

On 24 March, India issued a strict stay-at-home orders to more than a billion people in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

They stopped all domestic and international flights.

For Katebe this means he has to stay in the hotel of the club’s owner Sandeep Chattoo.

Mr Chatoo told the BBC that the only thing he could do was make sure his players were safe and comfortable but he couldn’t help them get home.

“There’s nothing I can do unless their respective embassies come forward to help out.”