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Zoo animals banned from having sex

Keepers at an ageing zoo in Romania say they have had to ban animals from having sex because of European Union legislation.

Facilities at Oradea Zoo do not meet EU standards and officials have now passed on a European Commission ruling ordering zoo management to make sure no new animals arrive until things improve.

And the zoo, which has decided to close while trying to upgrade its facilities, has said that means having to make sure all the animals are kept apart.

A spokesman for the zoo said: “As soon as we meet the new standards we will apply for the zoo to be reopened and then the animals will be allowed to reproduce again. Until that time there will be no opportunity for them to be together.”

The local council that controls the zoo said they had decided to act after they were contacted by the European Commission.

A spokesman added: “They made it quite clear that this Romanian zoo didn’t offer conditions for animals according to the European directive on wild animals in zoos.

“According to the same directive, while the zoo in Oradea remains closed and is unauthorized to function, animals are forbidden any reproduction activities.”