Cargill parades Veliche™ Gourmet at Cocoa Cuisine & Exhibition Day in Accra

Cargill parades Veliche™ Gourmet at Cocoa Cuisine & Exhibition Day in Accra
Source: Ghana|
Date: 22-11-2018 Time: 12:11:01:pm

As part of series of activities to mark a decade of sustainability and innovation in Ghana, Cargill in collaboration with Veliche™ Gourmet; the high-quality Belgian chocolate brand of Cargill has organized an experiential chocolate-themed event for stakeholders in the food and beverage industry dubbed: ‘‘Veliche™ Gourmet Cocoa Cuisine & Exhibition Day’’ in Accra.
The ultimate chocolate experience which took place on Tuesday, November 20, saw award-winning International Consultant Chef in Pastry, Confectionery, Ice-cream and Biscuit sectors from Veliche™ Gourmet, Chef François Galtier, take counterparts and managers from the best in the hospitality industry in Ghana through several demonstrations of amazing creations to show off the many nuances of cocoa and chocolate. Chef Galtier showcased his much-anticipated craftsmanship in presenting three masterpieces to the admiration of those present. These were: Greatest Hit, Xmas Stump and The Clock.
The Greatest hit was carefully crafted like an arrow in a target and made from Soft Almond Biscuit, Red Berry Coulis, Milk Chocolate Raspberry Mousse and Red Glaze. The Xmas Stump had a woody effect and decorated with chocolate nails to give it a real look while the ellipse-shaped ‘The Clock’ was decorated with clock elements made from tempered chocolate into silicon moulds. Metallic colours were then brushed over it to give life to the chocolate elements. All these had the goodness of Veliche™ Gourmet chocolate ingredients – Cocoa Powder VELICHE, Obsession White, Intense Milk, Temptation Dark and Emotion Dark.

Touching on the rationale behind the event, the Managing Director of Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate business in Ghana, Mr Pieter Reichert said ‘‘Cargill is not only committed to the welfare of the cocoa farmer but provides farmers with a gateway to customer markets as we also have the consumer at heart. It is abundantly evident from what we have seen today that we at Cargill are very particular about value addition and right from its origin to finish, the consumer is assured of the best of the finest sustainably-sourced cocoa beans turned into the sumptuous chocolate products by the best chocolate connoisseurs in the world.’’
Veliche™ Gourmet has developed and refined their unique recipes to enable professional artisans to discover the endless possibilities of chocolate in their creations. Starting with the selection of the finest cocoa beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms and highest quality ingredients, seasoned chefs curate exquisite chocolate creations that delight young and old.  Participants thus had an unforgettable delectable indulgence of the thick dark nectar of nutrition, and pleasure wrapped in addictive sweetness.
Chef Galtier who was pleased about the event said: ‘‘It was really a good experience. The guests were engaging during my presentation. They were very interested and curious about learning the techniques to making amazing chocolate recipes.’’  
This year sees the 10th anniversary of Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate business in Ghana with activities earmarked for the year-long celebrations centred on the theme: “Celebrating 10 years of Sustainability and Innovation with Cargill in Ghana.”
Veliche™ Gourmet offers a high-quality Belgian product portfolio dedicated to enabling high levels of creativity for professional artisans at an affordable price. The chocolate is smooth in character and offers great taste. Remarkably workable, pure and consistent in form with its unique 12 mm chocolate dots. Veliche™ Gourmet offers a reliable partnership in service, delivery and technical support with an easy to use and easy to store product. 100% sustainable, with cocoa bought from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.