Over a thousand houses and shops have been torn down at Teshie, a suburb of Accra, to allow for road expansion works.  

The demolition exercise began from the stretch behind the Teshie Police station and is set to continue through the LEKMA Hospital road to join the Manet-Spintex road. 

Houses behind the Teshie police barracks, Yomo Specs, Agblizaa and LEKMA Hospital were all affected. 

Supervised by the Ledzorkuku Krowor Municipal Assembly, there is heavy police presence at the scene. 

Myjoyonline.com sources reveal that the exercise, which began at dawn is to make way for a dual carriage road project. 

Residents were allegedly notified of the road expansion as far back as 2007, with sources claiming that some residents received compensation for pulling down of their homes. 

As the demolition went on, some of the residents begged the contractors to leave their public toilet standing. Their pleas fell on deaf ears however and the only toilet serving the entire area was torn down.

The demolition exercise will break at 6pm and continue at dawn Thursday.


Residents were given the opportunity to retrieve their properties from the buildings prior to their destruction.

Residents stand on what, just hours before was their home.