A Tamale Circuit Court presided over by Justice Alexander Mubarik has remanded two persons for being part of a group that had allegedly threatened YaNa Abukari II in a video that had gone viral.

Mubarak Siba and Fataw (Salamba Dema Naa) who pleaded not guilty are to reappear in court on the 26 of March, 2022.

The two were charged with three counts of conspiracy, threat of death and offensive conduct.

Mabarik Siba and Fataw (Salamba Dema Naa) were spotted in a viral video with four others who are still at large allegedly insulting the Overlord of Dagbon on the 23rd of February 2022.

This incident happened after the YaaNaa passed judgment on who could hold himself as the Chief of Tamale.

The YaaNaa asked the Dakpema to stop holding himself as a Chief of Tamale and serve his fetish priest role.

A video was later circulated on social media with the accused being part of men who were seen allegedly using unprintable words to describe the Overlord.

Addressing the Court, the Prosecutor, Inspector Karl Tengey, said the accused had threatened the peace of the area and also threatened to kill anybody the Overlord would send to the Dakpema Palace.

Inspector Tengey said the case is still under investigation.


There has been seeming tension between the GulkpeNa’s Palace and the Dakpema Palace over who is the Chief of Tamale. Residents believe if this is not addressed, it could disrupt the peace the area is currently enjoying .

On Saturday, some Chiefs headed by Gulkpe Naa held a press conference giving the Regional Security Council three days to evacuate the talking drums from the Dakpema Palace because he was not a Chief and didn’t have the preserve to drum at his Palace.

Earlier last week, the Dakpema also held a press conference calling on his supporters to remain calm and not take the law into their own hands.

The deadline given the Regional Security Committee and the Metropolitan Security Council to pick the drums elapses on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, JoyNews has gathered information on series of meetings underway to help address the security threat.