Participant receiving certificate from Asanko Gold Mine Official

Twenty local businesses in the Amansie West and South Districts of the Ashanti region have received training in procurement, contract management systems, tendering processes, and practices to enhance their operations.

The exercise was meant to enhance their operations and equip them to access both local and international opportunities for enhanced profitability.

Mining Firm, Asanko Gold Ghana spearheaded the programme in partnership with Enablis Ghana. The move is in fulfillment of Ghana’s Minerals and Mining Regulations, 2012 L.I. 2173.

The L.I. requires medium to large scale registered mining companies to give a stipulated volume of specified commodities and services to Ghanaian businesses as a minimum requirement for promoting local industry and entrepreneurship.

Local vendors especially those within the mine’s catchment areas sometimes do not have the required capacity and capabilities to supply goods and services that meet international standards hence the capacity-building project.

20 local businesses in Amansie Districts get trained by Asanko Gold

At the graduation ceremony of the capacity-building project, the Acting General Manager of Asanko Gold Ghana, Ahmed Mohadini-Yahaya explained that “in as much as the regulation allows for Ghanaian vendors to be given opportunities, they sometimes lack the capabilities to compete with their regional and international counterparts. The situation necessitated the capacity building program”.

Mr. Mohadini-Yahaya further assured that the company will continue to train local vendors to enhance their ability to compete for opportunities within and beyond Asanko Gold.

The 2021 capacity building program is the third batch of twenty (20) vendors who have gone through a month of tailor-made training.

This year’s program reviewed women’s participation in line with Asanko’s gender diversity policy which intends to ensure gender parity in its supply chain which has led to an increase in women participation from 10 to 30 percent since the inception of the program in 2019.

Participants of the three-month program were excited about the impact on their businesses.

The three-month training program was facilitated by Enablis Entrepreneurial Network, Ghana.

Country Director Shika Acolatse urged the beneficiaries to leverage on the knowledge they have acquired to enhance their expertise and competence in growing their businesses to provide goods and services in a more competitive manner.

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