Even though Samuel Anim broke away over 2 minutes to win his 5th stage victory of the tour, his exploits failed to protect or win the Yellow jersey his team member Isaac Sackey won, during stage 3.

The most difficult stage of the tour witnessed the separation of boys from the men. This stage involved two major steep hills to climb (Akwaaba and Mamfe Hills).

Two young cyclists Prosper Agbo and Frank Akuffo found themselves in uncharted waters, when they expertly conquered the mountains.

However, ill luck befell, 17 year old Frank Akuffo as he descended the Mamfe Mountain; he lost control of his bike and had a punctured front tire.

Almost at the end of the steep climb, Frank nearly gave up; he had given his best but he could no longer paddle his bike as he followed his two senior teammates (Victor Cudjoe and Emmanuel Sackey).

Victor swiftly slowed down and encouraged Frank to kick harder, and the young lad did so with all the strength he had in him, Victor and Emmanuel then decided to ride closely behind Frank as they climbed the hill to the apex, to the admiration of spectators, who cheered them on.

After the race, Emmanuel and Victor told Joy Sports, “we had no choice but to carry Frank, he’s our junior, but he has the best time in the team (All Stars), so we couldn’t leave him behind”.

In spite of the technical problem that affected Frank, he and his teammates made it to the finish line with a respectable time, even though frank lost some time, he’s still about 3 minutes behind the Yellow jersey.

Moro Egala and Isaac Sackey (former Yellow Jersey holder) put up a woeful display during the climbing, they flattered to deceive, and they also kept their senior collegues, Henry Tetteh Djanmah and Samuel Anim in anxiety.

Samuel and Henry took it easy, after they descended the hill, hoping to see Moro and Isaac; two young riders who have been so impressive in this year tour but they never showed up.

Minutes Later, Samuel had had enough of waiting, so he decided to take matters into his hands.
Immediately he realized that Isaac was not going to show up, he broke away from the leading peloton (Francis Tetteh, Henry Tetteh Djanmah and Prosper Agbo).

Francis allowed Samuel to go without a counter attack, because he needed to lead his Youngster (Prosper) all the way to the end. The defending champion (Henry), was more patient; he decided to wait by maintaining his normal pace.