Prosper Agbo ended the two year reign of Henry Tetteh- Djanmah to become the 2013 Cowbell National Cycling Champion.

Agbo kept his cool throughout the final day of the tour (24km criterium within suburbs of the capital) by meticulously riding behind his team leader, Francis Tetteh, during a ferocious pace closed circuit race in Accra.

“I don’t even know what to say, but thank God; this is the happiest day of my life” said Prosper Agbo, whilst wiping his tears of joy.

Immediately the whistle of the Race Commissiare triggered the riders into action, team Die Hard decided to dictate the pace of the race, by attacking, but All Stars riders led by Emmanuel Sackey and the 17 year old sensation, Frank Awuku Akuffo, responded in equal measure with a swift attack.

Team Die Hard fought as wounded lions to help their lead rider, Tetteh Djanmah to retain his title with a series of attacks initiated by, Nuru Paddy, Moro Egala and their youngest rider Abdul Razak Umar, who was seeking to win the White Jersey (Best Young Rider).

All stars did not budge; they rather took the fight to their opponent.

When they succeeded by countering the attacks, they then initiated their own attack.

Francis Tetteh and Prosper stayed safe in the peloton. Occasionally Francis had to escape the peloton to counter some of the attacks from other teams such as Young Stars.

Samuel Anim, winner of the Green and Red jerseys throughout the competition, proved it was not a fluke.

He refused to be drawn into needless attacks, and came out only when necessary, to do what he does best: win ‘Point Chauds’, to keep a firm grip on his Green Jersey.

This situation of attacks and counter attacks increased the tempo of the race and eventually kept the bunch together, when the riders realized that it will go down to the wire.

100m to the end of the last lap, the cheering supporters at the Accra International Trade Fair Centre, were treated to an inevitable field Sprint.

Henry Tetteh Djanmah, knowing his reign had ended, because he could not sustain a breakaway throughout, wanted to at least win a stage victory, which eluded him throughout the tour.

He was first to kick out of the bunch with his teammates Moro, and Nuru.

The determination, pace, strength and power of Samuel Anim carried him to take the chequered flag, winning his 6th stage victory in the Process.