The Accra College of Medicine (ACM) is once again offering a full scholarship worth $75,000 to one of the finalists of the just-ended National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) over a period of six years.

This is part of its sponsorship package offered for the event which has already seen two finalists from the past two years being offered fully funded scholarships to study Medicine at the College.

The Accra College of Medicine is the leading private Medical and Independent Medical College in Ghana and has been in existence for the past 5 years.

ACM has state of the art facilities as well as small class sizes which help in fostering effective learning and lifelong professional and personal relationships. It is their aim to churn out not just doctors but great doctors with a heart power.

This year’s edition saw three schools going into the finals and amidst all the cheering and fight for the crown, St Augustine’s College emerged as the winner.

Among the finalists, three students have expressed interest in studying medicine at the Accra College of Medicine.

Speaking to the President of the College, Prof. Mrs Afua Hesse, she was excited about the enthusiasm of the finalists and said they will have to take an entrance exam and interview after which the best student among them will be given the scholarship.

 She said, “We are looking for someone who truly encompasses our mission, vision and most importantly our core values.”

There are already two students enrolled in the scholarship program from the previous NSMQs at ACM. These students are living up to expectations and topping their classes and this is something that gives the President hope.

She, therefore, has similar expectations from the new NSMQ scholarship student. She believes that the training these students go through during their preparation towards the competition makes them lateral thinkers which fits into the learning style of the College. 

Bright Asiedu, the 1st runner up in 2017 edition of the NSMQ and now a second-year medical student said the scholarship has given him the opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor. 

To him, “the school’s state of the art facilities, as well as the small class sizes, makes learning interesting and much easier and this is something, I will always be grateful for.”

Benjamin Fenny who was also part of the winning team from St. Peter’s Senior High School during last year’s edition said this offer came in at the right time.

According to him, “with the dream of becoming a neurosurgeon, I was contemplating on whether to go a private or public tertiary institution, but coming to the Accra College of Medicine, I have been offered everything I need to become who I want to be.” 

To him, the interaction between lecturers and students as well as open access to facilities has made the study of medicine much simpler and interesting.

The President of the College applauded the organizers of the National Science and Math’s Quiz and pledged the College’scontinual support and yearly scholarship to the one student who desires to study medicine and has the heart power.