Following erratic power supply, government has clinched a deal wih a Dubai based company APR  to bring in emergency  power generators.

The deal was said to have been closed last week  in Dubai. Sources say the 10 emergency power generators which is expected to come in April, will have the combined capacity to produce  250 megawatts of power. 

The generators which will be installed  at Aboadze  will be powered by gas from  the Atuabo Gas company.

Government will soon be turning to parliament for the whole deal to approved before the generators can come in .  

The emergency power generators is expected to complement another 450megawatts from two power ships expected from Turkey possibly in April from power firm KARKPOWER .

According to persons close to the agreement, the initial challenge of raising funds for the deal has been addressed, following a 100 million dollar guarantee extended by GNPC to Turkish firm to bring in badge as well a letter of guarantee provided by the  Ministry of Finance.

This should  mean that the Turkish firm can take on government or fall on the guarantee provided by GNPC, if  there is any breach in agreement in terms of payment  for the power sold to Ghana.

 The Turkish firm is expected to bring, another power ship however power ship before  June .

According managers of power sector, these emergency power generators should help stabilize the current crises marginally  within the next  four months.