1. Missionary style

Basically any position in which the female lies on her back will do when it comes to conceiving a baby. However, if you’re on a mission to conceive quickly, try making love missionary-style with the man on top. This sexual position allows sperm the easiest route as they travel through the cervix and decreases the risk of leakage during intercourse. Finally, any women with a tilted uterus should consider trying doggy style. This hands and knees position will allow the sperm greater access to the cervix.

2. Quantity matters

The amount of sex you and your partner are having may be sabotaging your chances of conceiving. Generally, men need a day in between ejaculations to build up their sperm count to achieve optimal fertility levels. Therefore, shoot for having sex every two or three days in order to pack the most punch in your (or your partner’s) sperm.

3. Timing is everything

Since women are only fertile the few days leading up to ovulation, it makes good sense to pinpoint these days. Several methods include charting, the rhythm method and the calendar method. However, the easiest and most effective way to figure it all out is to purchase an ovulation kit (or fertility monitor) that can help you track the times you will be most fertile each month. Make love two to three days preceding ovulation in order to maximize your chances of conception.

4. Enjoy the ride

Many experts believe that having an orgasm during sex increases your chances of conception. The gyrations following orgasmic bliss may help to force sperm more efficiently through the cervix. In addition, the force of sperm ejaculation directly relates to the amount of sexual excitement during a man’s orgasm. Therefore spice it up in the bedroom and rekindle the flames of desire by exploring your (and your partner’s) sexual fantasies in a safe and relaxed manner.

5. Ask the experts

Set up a thorough checkup with your family doctor to make sure both you and your partner are in optimal health for conception. Obesity, smoking, alcohol, stress, poor nutrition, untreated infections, unnecessary medications and sexually transmitted diseases are all deterrents to getting pregnant.

For men, a vitamin C supplement taken daily may increase the health of their sperm leading to greater fertility. In addition, women (in case of conception) should consider taking prenatal vitamins to ensure optimal health during the early development of the fetus.