The flagbearer of the Progressive People's Party has said a wasted vote is the one for president John Mahama, not the one for him.

Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom said the electorate must reasonably expect an improvement in their standards of living after every election but when their situation gets worse, like they have going through now, then they have wasted their vote.

He told supporters of the PPP in Bortianor Ngleshi Amanfrom in the Ga South Constituency in the Greater Accra Region where he has been campaigning that a vote for Mahama in the 2016 election will be another wasted vote.

"You queue to vote and after you vote you can't afford to take your children to school. That is a wasted vote.

"You vote for someone so that they can help prevent diseases. But after you vote for the person and you continue to have malaria, you continue to have cholera, meningitis that is a wasted vote," Dr Nduom stated.

The PPP flagbearer has been described by some political pundits as the best president Ghana will never have because of the duopoly of Ghana's political system.

Dr Nduom led the CPP in the 2008 elections, broke away and formed the PPP and contested the 2012 elections.  In all cases he lost to the late John Mills and President John Mahama respectively both of whom were candidates for the National Democratic Congress. The largest opposition flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo came close in both elections, with Nduom placing a distant third position.

There is the perception by some voters that a vote for any other candidate, other the ones for the NDC or NPP is a wasted vote because no third party is strong enough to win an election and form a government.

But Dr Nduom has described that as a fallacy. If there is any vote to be wasted, it is the one that will go to John Mahama, he pointed out.

"When you vote for somebody with the hope to have continuous power and you vote only to have dumsor dumsor that is a wasted vote.

"Go and tell them especially all those who voted for John Dramani Mahama that they have wasted their vote and the vote they have wasted that is the votes that have now sent us to IMF because John Mahama said he cannot manage the economy," Dr Nduom stated.