Chicago woman was arrested after she attempted to illegally board an airplane to meet Jay-Z in Los Angeles.

The Chicago Tribune reports Yaazmina Payton informed authorities that she evaded security checkpoints at O’Hare International Airport and boarded an LA-bound American Airlines Flight because she wanted to meet the rapper.

Someone saw the 23-year-old sneaking under a series of ropes at a boarding door near a ticket gate and alerted a ticket agent.

After being unable to produce a ticket or boarding pass, Payton was taken into custody and charged with felony criminal trespass. 

Once arrested, Payton reportedly offered to show authorities how she got past security.  She also then admitted that she wanted to get on the plane to meet Jay-Z.

Judge, John F. Lyke Jr ordered that Payton be released on $500 bail. He also approved an order by the prosecution to have her banned from O’Hare International Airport.

An attorney for Payton claimed that she has post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorder.

The full investigation into how she managed to evade security is underway and could potentially take up to 90 days to complete.