The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) will be hosting its third Africa Members Convention (AMC) from 14th to 16th December 2021, for the first time online.

The theme this year is ‘Repositioning the profession in Africa to drive and support economic recovery, sustainability, and social governance’ which has a forward-looking agenda aimed at helping the profession across Africa and globally build and sustain resilience in a still challenging environment due to Covid-19 and the climate crisis.

In shaping the future of the profession, over 6,000 ACCA members in Africa have been invited, alongside key decisions and policymakers across economies who will be engaged during the AMC, in order to drive actionable changes.

Day 1 will focus on the role of African accountants at the heart of the continent’s route to recovery; day 2 will examine the role of digitalisation on the profession, and day 3 will focus on accountants and their role in policy development in Africa and on the global stage too.

Speaking of the event, Jamil Ampomah, director of ACCA Africa said, ‘We’ve chosen a broad theme that brings together the issues which confront finance professionals and business leaders every day of their lives.

“Our theme also builds on the work at our first two Africa Member Conventions. In Ethiopia, in 2017 we addressed the impact of socio-economic trends on the future of finance and business in Africa, and in Rwanda, in 2019 we explored the evolution of finance as Africa thrives amid disruption.’

‘We believe that this event will help the accountancy profession and its stakeholders deal with the challenges and opportunities ahead for 2022, supporting them to understand the new and emerging environment in which it works.’

Key speakers at the AMC include: Orla Collins FCCA, ACCA president

Dr Ndidi Edozien, Chair at Circular Economy Innovation Partnership

Shailen Ramgoolam, Partner EY, Mauritius

Rodney Ndamba (FCCA), CEO Institute, Sustainability Africa

Dr Bhavish Jugurnath, President of the Africa Emerging Tech Hub

Amin Miramago, CEO, Institute of Certified Public Accountants Rwanda, (ICPAR)

Alta Prinsloo, Chief Executive Officer, Pan African Federation of Accountants -PAFA, South Africa

Dr Obiageli “Oby” Ezekwesili, President of Human Capital África and Senior Economic Adviser at África Economic Development Policy Initiative (AEDPI).

Edwin Makori, CEO, Institute of Certified Public Accountants Kenya (ICPAK)

ACCA members can register for the AMC online here. ACCA has also opened up this event to non-ACCA members, who can also register at the same address via

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