Access Bank Ghana is supporting the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly with clean up tools for use in the November edition of the National Sanitation Day in Kumasi.

The move is part of the bank’s commitment to transform lives within the communities in which it operates.

The tools donated include rakes, shovels, boots, reflective jackets, hand gloves, wheel barrows and nose masks among others.

The event which falls on Saturday November 7, also marks the one year anniversary of the National Sanitation Day which was instituted by the government to help curb the menace of filth that has engulfed many cities of the country.

Receiving the equipment for the exercise, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Mayor, Mr Kojo Bonsu, commended the Bank for its corporate citizenship in helping to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

“The time has come for Ghanaians to adopt a positive outlook towards improved sanitation. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure active participation in the National Sanitation Programme, because poor sanitation results in the outbreak of preventable diseases, like cholera which invariably affects the productive workforce”, he said.

The National Sanitation Day (NSD) is an initiative by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and was first declared on November 1, 2014. The day is dedicated to voluntary clean-up of the environment by all Ghanaian citizens as part of the efforts to promote hygiene and reduce unsanitary conditions that breed diseases.

Presenting the items on behalf of Access Bank, the Zonal Head for Ashanti, Mr Richard Torku said, “Our support toward the National Sanitation Day forms part of our deep commitment as a change agent in our markets of operation. We value a healthy community because they directly impact our business. So if the people we serve are not healthy then we have not lived to our purpose and values.”

Over the years, Access Bank (Ghana) has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable business practices driving profitable, sustainable growth that is also environmentally responsible and socially relevant.

The Bank has committed resources to social investments in key areas such as education, health, environment, sports and arts to improve the wellbeing of several communities in Ghana.


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