Following the success of the ‘Money in the Box’ promotion, Achimota Retail Centre (ARC) will once again make its patrons who have the muscle to Spin the Wheel happy with incredible giveaways.

Shoppers after showing proof of purchase of a minimum of ¢100 in any of the stores, qualify to test their luck on a wheel which instantly offers the spinner one of a variety of gift items. 

Shoppers are eligible for as many spins as possible within a day so long as far as they show the necessary proof of purchase.

“With Spin the Wheel, the thrill begins after shopping, when they enter the exciting game of testing their luck on the wheel for some of the branded gift items,” says Marketing Manager, Anthony Asamoah.

The wheel has been busy spinning instantaneous freebies for shoppers since it was outdoored a week ago and will continue to spin giveaways for the next three weeks.

The fun part is one of a kind because instead of the pointer stopping on straight prizes at the end of a spin, it would stop on one of a variety of eight curious activities to which the spinner must comply.

Some of the activities include “Dance for your prize”, “Nominate a friend to pick your prize” and “You have won!”.

Achimota Mall wheel of fortune

“We are very passionate about making our customers feel good and we do this by regularly infusing some amusement and excitement into the overall shopping experience here.

“Since Friday, it has been such a delight to watch shoppers enjoy themselves on the wheel,” Mr Asamoah said.

“What makes ‘Spin the Wheel’ so exciting and rewarding is the Sidewalk Sale running alongside it. 

“Quite a number of our stores have cut prizes and are offering their customers incredible deals and bargains. It’s a special sale and everything is within arm’s reach on the sidewalk,” the Marketing Manager said.

To give more boost to the ‘Spin the Wheel’ campaign, a special sidewalk sale has just been launched and tenants offer customers incredible price slashes of between 5 and 60% for assorted categories of merchandise displayed on the sidewalks.

While ARA has slashed prices for its outdoor playground by half, the 7D cinema is admitting families of five at the cost of 4 persons and serves free popcorn for such families.