African Finance Business AFB GHANA LTD (AFB), one of the fastest growing Retail Finance Businesses in Ghana says it is committed to extending credit to businesses and the public at an affordable rate.

According to the company this is part of a strategy to position the institutions as the preferred place to go for credit.

AFB last week awarded one of its cherished customers as the 10,000th Gold Reward Card Holder.

This ceremony took place on August 14, 2014 at the AFB Head office in Accra.

The award winner, Mrs. Grace Ofori, a nurse at the Kwahu Atibie Government Hospital won a cash prize of GH₵1,000 and zero percent interest on her next AFB Loan.

AFB introduced the Gold Reward Card in September 2013 and has within a period of eleven months, issued its 10,000th card.

The Rewards Card has major Retail partners such as Melcom who offer discounts on purchased goods to all AFB Rewards Cards holders.

It also has an embedded accidental life cover. Should any AFB Reward Card holder pass on accidentally, the family of the customer is rewarded GH₵2,000 to help them carry-on.

Again, the card has the “Hello Doctor” mobile platform which offers free health advice and counseling to all AFB customers. 

In an interview with the award winner, Mrs. Grace Ofori, said that "AFB has really surprised me. I always receive a discount any time I shop at Melcom which saves me money and I have never experienced this in my dealings with other financial providers except AFB".

The Managing Director of AFB Ghana, Mr. Arnold Parker, in his remarks gave the assurance that AFB will roll on more reward partners to enrich customer experience with the company.

He again remarked that, "what our customers are witnessing today is only the beginning…It is a promise of the beginning of even better and more exciting features for the Reward Card".

AFB Ghana is one of the largest Payroll Lenders in Ghana with Over 70,000 customers.

The Company is part of the AFB Group which undertakes Retail Finance operations in Kenya, Mauritius, Zambia and South Africa.


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