Former Communications Minister, Dr Edward Omane Boamah, has advised the Black Stars to ignore coach Milovan Rajevac’s ‘one-goal’ project as they strive to progress to the next stage of the 2021 African Cup on Nations.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, he expressed his good wishes to the senior national team ahead of their final group C fixture against Comoros.

According to him, Rajevac’s ‘one-goal project’ does not reflect the aspirations of Ghanaians; thus, the Stars should ignore it, as they lock horns with the East African nation on Tuesday evening.

“The #AFCON2021 journey has been tough, but you can still make it to the knock-out stages. Believe in yourselves and beat Comoros soundly today. As for your coach, you may refuse to listen to him because his one goal project mentality is un-Ghanaian”, Dr Omane Boamah wrote.

He added that scores of well-meaning Ghanaians are rooting for the Black Stars in Tuesday’s fixture.

The Black Stars, who are yet to win a match in their 2021 AFCON campaign, are on the verge of disqualification if they fail to garner all three points against the Coelacanths of Comoros at the Roumde Adjia Stadium in Yaoundé.

In their opening game, the Stars lost to the Atlas Lions of Morocco in the dying embers of the game, a result that angered many of their supporters.

However, in their next fixture against Gabon, the Stars drew first blood after skipper, Andre Dede Ayew found the back of the net with a powerful low drive to beat Gabonese keeper, Jean Noel Amonome.

Unfortunately, the lead was cancelled in the 88th minute by Jim Allevinah. The draw with Gabon deepened the frustration of many football-loving fans who criticised the team for giving a poor account of themselves with just a point in the tournament.

Based on the current standings, if the Stars failed to grab all three points against Gabon on Tuesday, they would have forfeited any possibility of advancing to the next competition phase.

However, Serbian coach, Milovan Rajevac has assured that his side will deploy every arsenal in their artillery to guarantee a victory against tournament debutants, Comoros.

“It’s a very important game for us. We need to finish the group with a win and will do everything to guarantee this happening. Our team develops well, but we need time and patience”, Milovan Rajevac stated.

Jonathan Mensah, a defender whose department, defence, has come under harsh criticism for allowing goals in the dying embers of the game, has also indicated that “we will give our best because this is a must-win for us. We have no internal problems. All the games are difficult. As a veteran player, my role is to help new faces. We will fight for our national jersey”.

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